I received my undergraduate degree from West Chester University, a B.A. in Psychology. During my undergraduate education, I worked directly with Dr. Jennifer Dawson to help create the SPARC (South Eastern Pennsylvania Resource Clinic) clinic, a program to support feeding issues for children on the autism spectrum. During this time, I also did behavioral work for clients on the autism spectrum, particularly early intervention. Following college, I worked at the Children’s Home of Reading (CHOR) as a Supervisor. CHOR is a rehabilitation center for juvenile males who have been the victims or perpetrators of deviant sexual acts.

After this experience, I elected to return to school for a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. Widener is considered among the best schools in the country for this type of education. For post-grad, my concentration was in masculinity studies, particularly focusing on how hegemonic masculinity came to exist, and what we can do as a society to unravel the effects of toxic masculinities.

As I was pursuing my degree, I was a team trainer for Supportive Concepts, training every single employee who walked through the door on how to effectively work with clients with mental and physical disabilities. In my time there, I trained over 4,000 people on topics from CPR/First Aid, to the emotional needs of clients with disabilities. As a result, I am adept at quickly gauging differing personalities and meeting the resulting challenges.

Toward the end of my Masters program, I did an internship with the Behavioral department at Supportive Concepts, which consisted of interviewing clients with disabilities, in order to better understand their sexual needs, analyzing the crossover and nuances, and proposing solutions that worked within the legal constraints of Supportive Concepts. After receiving my degree, the behavioral team was satisfied with my work to such an extent that I was offered the position of Behavioral Therapist for Supportive Concepts. Here, I worked with clients possessing a vast array of physical and mental disabilities, along with their care providers, in order to help the team get their clients’ needs met in non-problematic ways. My caseload specifically reflected a population of clients that had more complex sexual needs.

After becoming pregnant with my first child, I took some time as a stay at home mother to absorb the role, and to be able to fulfill all of my precious baby’s needs. Though soon, I would discover that in fulfilling my baby’s needs, a part of me had re-awoken: the need to work with our community, especially from a wellness aspect. This has always been a passion of mine. I met Gabby through E3 when I was seeking nutritional counseling. She explained her dream, and I felt I had found the next leg of my journey in serving people.

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