My name is Elizabeth Brunner. I grew up in a small home in Mohrsville, PA with three siblings and have lived in this area my whole life. I always knew I had a passion for helping people even when I was young. I helped my mom and grandma with cooking and sewing and if one of my siblings or friends were sad or not feeling well, I would try to make them feel better.

I grew up thinking I would become a teacher but that path changed when I went to school to be an accountant. I graduated from business school and immediately accepted a secretary position at Berks Technical Institute. This was followed by waitressing jobs for years until I landed a purchasing associate position at Flagzone. I loved what I did, we brought in many products to make flags for all around the world. After nine years of working at Flagzone I found myself unhappy in my position and wanting to pursue a different career path that allowed me to assist in the healing process of the body. I decided to take a risk it all and take a leap of faith by going back to school for massage therapy.

March 16, 2014 I was in a horrible car accident that left me with many serious injuries and countless therapy sessions to help my body heal I found myself wanting even more to help others heal and find balance within themselves. With six children, three of which were still living at home, I started as a full time student at Berks Technical institute. I immediately fell in love with the profession and was eager to finish school to make massage therapy my full time career.

Having been married and divorced twice with six children, I decided to make myself and my dreams a priority. My children have always been and always will be my first priority however making myself happy helps me be a better mom everyday.

Luckily I have a great support system including my parents, nieces, and my oldest children to help out with my younger ones who are still in school. After schooling the internship that I secured offered me a position as a massage therapist in their Chiropractic offices. I was also working in a small spa in the area. I soon realized I wanted to work more independently and started working with (Gabrielle Warner). She soon became my partner which I couldn’t be more thrilled about. We have been working together for (2 years) now and I still learn something new from her everyday. I enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level to better understand their needs.

Everyday is not easy, being a single working mother is stressful at times but I am forever grateful for all the opportunities I have come across in life and believe I am on the path to success.

Achievements – associates degree, massage therapy degree
Talents – Drawing, Crafting and dancing
Challenges – car accident, single mother
Interests – Hiking, reading, biking, crafting, being outdoors

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