My career is my passion!

My profession all began as my athletic career ended. Junior year of college I was forced to retire due to a career ending shoulder surgery. Prior to that surgery I threw the javelin on the Penn State Track & Field Team in State College PA. I knew my passion for sports and athletics in general would not allow me to simply walk away. Subsequently I began helping with coaching the track team at PSU.

My coaching experience taught me many important things which shaped my future. First, I discovered how extremely rewarding it can be helping someone else to excel to reach their goals. Once I got a taste of that experience I didn’t look back upon my personal individual ambitions. I had no chance of ever competing again, but a competitive drive still existed within me. Second, I learned the injuries that occurred to me could have been avoided with the proper understanding, training, and planning. By taking into account my: genetics, the sport I was competing in, my body’s weak areas, and other factors which I did not know about, I could have prevented injuries before they happened. Third, I realized I had a lot to learn. There was only so much I could help with this sport because I didn’t completely understand the body. Not being able to get people all the way to their goal was frustrating and served as the catalyst I needed for change. I always try to give my best effort no matter what I’m doing. I was somewhat familiar with the body but didn’t have the technical skill to protect people from injury and really progress the body safely and effectively. One of the main reasons I sustained injuries was due to no one with a comprehensive understanding to teach me and help protect myself. Being able to give back to others where no one could for me was initially biggest goal I had.

I got certified through ACE to become a Personal Trainer. Throughout that phase of my life I was in a lot of pain because I no longer had any medical support and I didn’t know what to do for my debilitating injuries. My back and shoulder became worse, I was incorporating all the techniques I was learning to help heal myself.

After a year of studying I began working as a personal trainer learning through experience. Simultaneously I was incorporating strategies on my own body. Because I was experiencing the same physical limitations along with frustration as many of my clients, I began to accept and take a realistic look at my own injuries for the first time in life. It is through the perspective I have gained due to my personal pain and suffering which has shaped me into an understanding, sympathetic, caring trainer.

These experiences have given me an appreciation for the psychology of people regarding health and fitness. Being the most skilled personal trainer isn’t enough to really help people. I could know every exercise in existence and have a Doctorate in Biomechanics and still not train clients to achieve the results they want or need. By understanding our clients and their own unique position, trainers along with their clients can begin on the same page and develop a way to create and sustain change.

Currently I have a combined 13 years of experience with coaching and personal training. I have many different certifications which allow me to specialize in; functional movement assessment and correction, strength and conditioning, golf performance, injury prevention, stability, mobility, flexibility, and power. I consider myself a life-long learner and stay current with up-to-date education regarding the body, however in the immediate future now I’m focusing on helping people make positive lifestyle changes. A majority of people want to lose weight, for example. I can show them exactly what is required with regards to exercise to be successful with their goals. But, there are many additional factors which attribute to achieving that healthy weight. I am somewhat knowledgeable about and can help with nutrition however, I firmly believe everyone should consult with a nutritionist to determine which nutrients their body needs specifically. It is the same with mental health and support. Some clients may not be able to sustain an immediate change because they may have something holding them back which needs addressed by a professional. They may need to work on an orthopedic injury before they are able to do consistent cardiovascular training. The one fact that I haven’t been able to disprove yet is, every person, including their body, is different.

Because of all these needs which I alone cannot address, I am part of a group who has set up an integrated wellness center. We believe you have to address health as a whole, and all aspects of health must work together. To be part of something bigger than myself or my profession is a much larger goal than I ever thought was possible. There are other goals I want to achieve and being in a building with these other amazing professional gives me inspiration. I am excited to see this business grow and at the same time help Berks county become healthier.

Soon to follow I plan on designing an online training program. I have a lot of passion for this also for several reasons. I believe many people do not like to go to the gym, they like to stay home, or maybe can’t leave the house. The other reason is, I believe each workout has to be custom tailored to the individual like a suit. I look forward to the challenge this goal presents.

Finally, in addition to collaborating on the Wellness Center and the on-line training program, I am in the process of writing a book. There are a variety of items in this industry which I feel a need to be addressed. Someone new to the fitness industry, someone looking to work in the industry, or a parent looking to oversee their child’s total fitness will find my book very insightful.

In conclusion, every day is a blessing and an opportunity for growth. After I achieve my current goals, I plan to create new ones to help me grow and keep my clients and the general public current on what is in their best interest within the fitness industry. I trust after reading about me personally and professionally, I take the information, trends and practices of the fitness industry very seriously and I am extremely passionate about my job!

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