Many of us approach the new year with a renewed sense of hope and a desire to change.  The need to shed our old patterns and habits that may not be conducive to our goals is ingrained within in us.  It promotes improvement, progress, and growth. But how many of us will retain that desire throughout the year? And more importantly, what steps can be taken to ensure that we are transitioning from desire into actionable steps that will help us reach our goals?  The conversation I have with my clients regarding the creation of meaningful, lasting changes with diet and lifestyle always starts with asking them what their “why” is. The reason for the changes must be clearly defined, understood, and constantly thought of.

Our sense of purpose is what drives meaningful change.  

For some their “why” is a goal they may have for themselves: to be healthy and well to live their lives to their fullest, to be vibrant for their family members, to have a bright, healthful future free from chronic ailments.  Whatever the “why” is, it must make sense to the client and must be a constant focus. Writing it down is one step to help solidify the meaning of the actions. These are the emblazoned words that can be repeated and re-looked at when the tasks become difficult.  When you make dietary changes, you are truly going “against the grain,” swimming upstream in a food landscape that is the opposite of health-bringing. At every corner, temptations will hide. The “why” must become a mantra. A personal manifesto to allow you to keep progressing forward is something to carry with you as you navigate the societal food “booby-traps.”  Focusing on the meaning of your actions and being mindful of your choices will strengthen your spirit and help you to stay the course. 

Whether your goal is weight loss, reversing a chronic health issue, or overall health and well-being, you are committing to self-care and must focus on the purpose of doing so.  The deeply-rooted “why” for everyone making meaningful changes is self-love and appreciation. It is a drive to live your life as your healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself.  When making changes to support your health and wellness, you are taking bold and brave steps toward self-improvement. Be sure to remember your own personal reasons for doing so, write them down, and hold them in your heart.


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