It wasn’t until I put my foot down and said to myself “I’VE HAD ENOUGH”. 

It felt like I had an angel and a devil on my shoulder. I was tired of feeling disconnected in every sense of the word. I was tired of feeling like I just wanted to be invisible because of my social anxiety and fear of engaging with others. I was tired of feeling extremely alone in the world.I was tired of feeling empty.


Beginning my Yoga Journey

I was introduced to yoga by a few friends and the massage therapist I had been seeing. Yet, it wasn’t until I was ready to start breaking the cycle of the “monkey mind” and rid myself of the negative affirmations that I actually showed up to my first class.  My first experience with yoga was a 90 minute long hot yoga class. I had no idea it was even possible for me to sweat that much! But it felt SO GOOD. After leaving that class, my whole body felt like it was tingling and I could not stop smiling to myself.



Prior to that yoga class it felt like I was searching for a way to ‘fit in’ in all of the wrong places, in all of the wrong ways. For the first time I had felt a sense of belonging, a sense of community, a connection to the Divine. I felt a benevolent energy moving throughout my entire body as I connected to the breath.  I proceeded to show up to my mat everyday for 30 days straight.

During those 30 days, I watched my life completely transform. I went from living everyday in a fear-based mindset, constantly playing the victim and having pity for myself; to actually taking the action steps to change the way that I felt. From a pessimist to an optimist. I went from feeling alone and confused, to feeling very intuitive and surrounded by love. No longer did I feel weak, as I stepped into my Divine feminine power. 

My growth progressed as I began reading self/spiritual development books, going to holistic seminars and expos, wellness retreats, practicing meditation, and strengthening my yoga practice and connection to Source. Having my first spiritual awakening at the age of 17, I began to remember what I truly value in life.

Connection. Community. Self Expression. Optimal health. Unconditional LOVE.

Fast forward to Now, and I realize that if I had not experienced those voids growing up, I may not value those things as strongly as I do now. I feel nothing but gratitude for every challenge (or as I like to call them, beautiful growth opportunities) that I have been gifted. 

After all, how would you realize that you have the power to heal yourself, if you were not first given wounds that require healing?

My vision is to guide my students in experiencing not only the physical benefits of yoga, but the deep emotional release that this practice can promote as well. I am eager to serve and support you on your journey towards achieving optimal health in every aspect of life.


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