Try these simple practices to help open your heart:
  • Positive affirmations: Say them aloud while looking in the mirror, or write them on a piece of paper and carry it with you. Some of our favorites are: I am worthy of love, I forgive myself, I forgive others, I am grateful,  and I am strong and capable, I open myself up to opportunities
  • Immerse yourself in nature
  • Practice a gratitude meditation
  • Listen to your favorite music, invite love to flow through you as you sing and dance
  • Make time everyday to do something that brings you joy and makes your heart feel full 
  • Integrate heart opening yoga postures into your daily practice

Many people know that yoga helps to reduce stress, anxiety, strengthens the body and helps to relieve muscle tension… but did you know that yoga also enhances heart health?  This ancient tradition of integrating physical postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation has been proven to help lower blood pressure, improve the sleep cycle, and lessen artery-damaging inflammation. 


“There are four distinct but interconnected areas in which yoga has specific benefits, not just for heart disease but any disease,”

Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. 

  • Relaxation Response: Stress activates our fight-or-flight response, which then triggers a rise in the heart rate. With a consistent yoga and meditation practice, the body becomes more resilient to stress triggers.  Through breathwork and meditation, the body and mind are able to relax. A single 60-minute yoga practice can lower the stress hormone cortisol.  Research suggests that slow, deep breathing can help to lower blood pressure by 5 points after a few months of regular practice.
  • Increased Mind-Body Connection
  • Healthy lifestyle changes: In my own experience, I noticed that as I strengthened my yoga practice, I became more aware of the positive feelings I would get when eating healthy foods. I no longer wished to eat junk foods because I noticed the negative effects it had on my mind and body whenever I would practice yoga, meditation, or exercise. Over time, practitioners may strengthen their mind-body connection and become less reactive.
  • Life Purpose: Showing up to your mat consistently for this self-care practice can truly lead to a life changing transformation.  Yoga taught me that through meditation and physical postures I could breakthrough limitations that I had created with my mind. I found liberation through this practice, and many of my clients have reported experiencing this as well.
  • Sense of Community: If someone is experiencing heart problems there is a disconnect on an energetic level from their heart center (or heart chakra).  Participating in group yoga classes can help to provide a sense of belonging, allowing for individuals struggling with these heart problems to feel that they are a part of a supportive community.


There is an infinite supply of love!

Having a consistent yoga practice has allowed me to strengthen my connection to my heart center. I have also witnessed this “heart opening” in many of my students and clients through our work together.  The word Yoga itself means unity. Unifying the mind-body-spirit connection because they are all one. When you strengthen this connection through this practice love flows into your life in abundance. With the power of gratitude we are able to transform our lives and open our hearts so that we can work towards being the best versions of ourselves.

My hope is that by reading this you implement some of these practices and take steps towards achieving optimal heart health so that you are better able to give and receive love. Utilizing these tools may help you feel more open (physically, mentally, and spiritually). Approaching any situation in life from a place of love and understanding is always the answer… because love is of the highest frequency on the planet. 


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