Hello Everyone out there struggling to get through Social Distancing and Sheltering in Place!


COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, on various levels.  One of which may be the over abundance of time we have with some of our loved ones.  While our past selves may have dreamt of days we could just stay home with our families, our current selves are thinking, “I need a break from these people,” “I miss my alone time,” or “I just don’t have any privacy.” We are happy to finally get quality time with those we love, but dare I say maybe there is too much quality time right now?


In fact, just yesterday morning I could have killed (not really, come on everyone it’s just an expression, no need to go calling authorities on me) my husband.  During this stressful time, I am lucky enough to be able to continue working, albeit via Telehealth services in a spare bedroom instead of in person at my office. My husband, on the other hand, is not so lucky, so he has been playing a lot of Fortnite. Anyhow, yesterday morning I got up, “got ready for work”, and let our dog out. Then I proceeded into our spare bedroom and got on my 9am call with my first client of the day.  When I emerged back into our communal space, I was bombarded with questions on why the dog had poop on her face that she spread around our bedroom sheets. Did he clean the dog? No. Did he put the sheets in the washer? No. Was I expected to solve this dilemma between clients? Yes… And there you go ladies and gentlemen, too much time together!


So how can we keep our relationships intact and healthy, even when we may have more contact than we would normally like? As I am not always good with the written words (afterall, I am a talk therapist not a blogger), please click the following link to take a look at what a San Fransicso Psychologist and interpersonal relationship expert has to say with regards to Relationship Hygiene during COVID-19.




And for those select few who may be interested in if my husband made it through yesterday …. I decided to keep him around a bit longer.  He’s a good cook. I rely on his delicious meals, especially after hours of client work that has left me needing a nice reprieve. He has amazing qualities that I will continue to remind myself of regularly. Plus, I am sure he has plenty of reasons to “kill” me as well. Lord knows it can’t be easy to be at home with me while I am working, as it’s hard enough on a regular day.  So we must just remind ourselves of those good qualities and know that together we are stronger. Together we will get through this.


Much love and virtual hugs! Stay safe and healthy!


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