“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.”

-Marianne Williamson

Spring is amongst us. A time of rebirth and renewal, healing from the inside out.

The Spring equinox guides us back to equilibrium. Day and night are equal, the light and the dark – restoring us back to a much needed place of balance following the winter months.

We have been faced with the challenge of quarantining to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and this has triggered many of us to feel confused and afraid of the unknown. Although this is a difficult time for many, we have the power to choose to view this as a growth opportunity. Not only is this a growth opportunity for us individually, this pandemic we are facing may ultimately help the collective of all beings on our planet to evolve.

We are being called to go into solitude, reconnect with our essence, and come to remember what TRULY matters in this human experience. Now is the perfect time to do some inner reflection.

Decluttering, releasing, letting go… these are by no means easy tasks. It takes motivation, dedication, and simply just showing up for yourself.  Acknowledge what resistance is coming up for you during this time. Ask yourself what may be triggering this resistance – the holding on, the clenching to an ideal of how things “should be”. Where may this be coming from? A lot of times our negative thought patterns may get in the way of releasing something that is irrelevant to the life we are living now.

I encourage you to integrate practices that inspire and ignite you, activities that make you motivated to grow and blossom into a more evolved version of yourself!


Here are some practices I suggest for Spring cleaning your mind and rebooting your immune system:


1. Make a conscious effort to become aware of when you have negative thoughts about yourself.

Ex. “I’ll never get this right.” “I don’t deserve…” 

Replace with: “I do my best at ____ and I am grateful for the room to continue growing.”

“I am worthy of … “


2. Meditate.

Practice letting go of wandering thoughts. Sit in a comfortable position, gently closing your eyes. Bring your awareness to your breathing. Notice the breath flowing in through your nose, and notice the breath flowing out of the nose or the mouth. Concentrate only on your breathing, and nothing else. Notice every sensation you feel in your body when you breathe. Feel the coolness of the breath at the tips of your nose on the breath in, and your rib cage expanding as your lungs fill with air. Then, as you breath out, notice the breath leaving your body. 

As you continue this exercise, you may notice thoughts start to wander in the mind. Do your best to create space between the thoughts. Only observing the thoughts from a place of awareness and letting the thoughts float by like clouds; not attaching any emotion or judgement to the thoughts. Showing up for your mindful meditation practice daily will allow you to strengthen your ability to let go and surrender to the beauty of the present moment. 


3. Write down your limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, affirmations and resentments on a piece of paper and burn the paper or rip it up.

Practice letting go of other’s beliefs that you identify as your own. Step into your power and BE your truth. We live in a world full of conditions, both “good” and “bad”. Experience satisfaction no matter what the conditions are by finding stillness within. 


4. Speak it. Write it. Sing it. Dance it.

Let your inner child come out and play. Many have extra time at home, so why not let your body move and invite creative expression to flow. Any form of creative expression is a great way to release emotions and create space for loving, healing energy to move you. 


5. Yoga. It. Out.

Practicing yoga helps to reduce stress, which in turn helps to boost the immune system. Yoga is one of the best tools for maintaining the health of the respiratory system. Practicing yoga asanas (physical postures) massages and stimulates the organs. Mindful breathing in conjunction to yoga postures increases oxygen levels in the blood allowing for optimal organ function.


6. Breathing exercise to boost the immune system

Breathe in the fresh spring air.

Let the flow of breathing be normal and easy. Take a deep inhalation feeling the breath entering the nostrils and moving down to the back of the throat, pausing for a few seconds. Inhale again, going deeper as the lungs get filled, pause for a few seconds again. Taking another inhale, filling the lungs more, until the lungs are completely full. Then, exhale out completely, in a slow, controlled, and relaxed way. With each breath in, you allow more love… and with each exhale release all that is not love.

Affirm: I am releasing fear at a cellular level. The more fear I clear, the more love I reveal. 

Continue this breathing exercise until your body feels completely relaxed. As you continue to relax your body, feel a sense of aliveness in every cell. Taking in any sensations that arise in the body, and remembering what it feels like to connect with the breath. With the breath, you create intercellular space. When there is space, prana (life force energy) flows. Where there is prana, there is wellness. Allow this love to heal your body. We are connected to everything, so any healing that we do, is likely to benefit the whole.


Manifest Using the Power of Non-Resistant Desire

You are more than your physical body. Your physical body and the personality you know as you is an extension of Source energy…and this extension of yourself which is Source energy is a point of attraction (also known as your inner being). If you want to be surrounded by love, then be love. Approach life from a place of love and compassion and that is what you will receive in return.  Like vibration attracts like vibration.



How Do We Stay Positive Given Our Current Conditions?

Our current condition has somewhat forced most of us to be living in the present moment, because we truly do not know what tomorrow will bring. Through this period, I believe more people are beginning to awaken to the fact that past and future time does not really exist and the only thing that exists is the present moment. By aligning with your true self, your inner being, and letting go of resistance of the present moment, you have the power to find peace within. YOU hold the keys to freedom and liberation. Only you have the ability to change your reality by choosing to act from a conscious place instead of acting unconsciously. Only you can free yourself from the illusion that we should be living in fear at this moment. If you don’t like something about your outside environment, the best thing to do is to go within and do some inner reflection. Surrender to the present moment, and trust that love heals all. Love and enlightenment are of the highest frequency. This vibrational energy is so powerful – that if we all were to emanate this frequency consistently, we have the power to heal the world. That is why in a time like this, when so many people are suffering, it is especially important that we show up for our spiritual practices. It is a difficult time to be going through the new conditions that have come along with the CoronaVirus pandemic. Yet with the support from those close to us, together we will all come out of this much more resilient. You are not alone. We all have our traumas and our triggers. So embrace every aspect of yourself, feeling all of the emotions that come up at this time, and show up for your self care practices that guide you back home. Showing up for peace practices will invite more peace into our reality. 

Make a beautiful life for yourself no matter how hard the inner work may be. Let’s choose to be the light in the darkness. 


“Three things cannot hide for long: The Moon, the Sun, and the Truth.” -Buddha



A message from my inner knowing:

Our planet is shifting and building up to a big cosmic release. What an interesting time to be alive!

The great awakening is here.

We are being called to reconnect with nature.

Plant gardens.

Use technology as a healthy tool instead of for destruction.


We are fortifying and cleansing our bodies and minds.

Let’s listen to our guides/intuition.

Let’s listen to the intelligence of Mother Nature.

And we will come home. We are on our way. 

We are remembering our truth. 

Love is always the answer, and all we need is already present.



Ariana Miley

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

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