From the eyes of a PA postal carrier

“There was a different feeling in the air during our morning meeting, you could almost hear a pin drop.” 


This was shortly after the Governor’s announcement for non-essential businesses to close. Questions exploded in the world and while there were more questions that remained unanswered, at this meeting, our leaders made it simple with this one statement:

“What we do is important. We are needed. Period.”

Something about the way this message was delivered and the truth within made it easier to accept the risk and carry on. We mattered.

Just like many other businesses remaining in business, the USPS moved gracefully as new information arose, creating and implementing novel protocols to protect both carriers and customers alike. And while this offered a sense of support and comfort, it was still clear how much risk we are all taking each day. 

“It’s weird to think that suddenly postal carriers, grocery store workers and nurses are all considered front line against an invader we can’t see. But that is our reality.” 

The streets are mostly quiet, more businesses are shut down than open and the excitement a carrier used to be embraced is now replaced by a cool distance. 

“We can see them waiting at the door, watching us make a delivery and only after we are a few doors down, do they emerge to collect the delivery. Some still yell a thank you but most people make it in and out as quickly as possible.” 

“Our schedules have shifted and it really is all about safety right now. Part of me missed the human connection but I have to admit, it is also nice to get into a rhythm. I wonder what it will be like when some normalcy restores?”


What do you think you have lost because of COVID?

“Spending time with my closest friends and loved ones is really important to me and through this, not only do I miss their company but also know I pose a risk of carrying and transmitting COVID. So, I’ve lost a sense of closeness and safety and feel strange knowing I could harm those I love the most.”


What do you think you have gained because of COVID?

Silence….a little too early to tell. 


What do you think you have learned through this?

“I’ve been reminded suddenly not to take anything for granted; that life can change on a dime and to appreciate what I have.” 


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