Elizabeth Brunner, Massage and Cupping Therapist at Ampersand, took the time to interview a Respiratory Therapist to get their perspective on our current pandemic.


What do you feel you’ve lost through this? 

I feel as though I lost my freedom. Freedom to go where I want when I want and see how I want. I lost the feeling of being safe. I am also feeling lost without being able to see and hug my family.


What do you feel you’ve gained through this?

I have gained the awareness of never taking anyone or anything for granted. This has taught me to appreciate everyone in  my life and everything that I have. 


What do you feel you’ve learned through this?

I have learned to be at peace in a very stressful career. Being on the front lines and up close and personal with patients is a very stressful and scary situation. I have learned to lean on God for my strength and peace.



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