Talking about suicide stirs up a wave of emotions. Emotions that I myself am far too familiar with. I have close friends and family members who have struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, the truth is not everyone wins this battle and I have lost loved ones along the way. It is something I myself have battled and overcome. We all have our daily struggles and are trying our best to keep it together. Some days are easier, and some days you wish the world would just swallow you whole. The truth is you are not alone and there are different methods and tools available to help you cope.

Can you remember a day where a warm embrace was all you needed? When a squeeze of your hand assured you everything was going to okay? That is the power of the human touch. It is the simplest gesture and has the ability to change your mood and make all the difference. It is incredible as a massage therapist the power I wield in my own two hands. Making a difference for each client  is always rewarding. To feel and see the change of demeanor after a session is what makes me love my job!

There are multiple benefits to massage therapy. It is not only a good dose of self care, it is a path to a healthier lifestyle. If you live with anxiety or depression massage therapy could be a great option for you. Mental illnesses affect the body through different hormones that are responsible for our moods. Dopamine is the hormone that makes you feel happy, but is only released when it is triggered. Luckily, massage increases blood circulation, causing your dopamine levels to increase and send a wave of  endorphins throughout your body. Massage has also been linked to reducing the levels of cortisol, a hormone triggered as the result of stress. With cortisol levels lowered serotonin levels are able to increase, giving your body the power to fight off pain and anxiety. 

Massage therapy is the total prescription. It has the ability to heal your mind, body and soul. In order to have the best experience possible it is important to be open with your massage therapist about what  you are feeling. Together you will work to create a plan that is personalized to you and your everyday needs! Treatment does not have to come in a tiny bottle. Do your research and explore your options. Find a way to enjoy yourself and create healthy habits. Your mental health is important and self care is something everyone owes to themselves. Never feel guilty about putting yourself and your needs first. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with thoughts of suicide the, National Suicidel Prevention Lifeline is there for you. You can either call their number at  1-800-273-8255 or visit their website to chat  at www.  for free and confidential support that is available 24/7. 


Elizabeth Brunner

Licensed Massage and Cupping Therapist



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