Teachers. Students. Parents.


In a time where it can be so easy to fall into feeling like you aren’t enough or that you can’t possibly keep up. Where confusion may run rampant and we don’t know which way is where. 


In a time where we all might feel some kind of lost, we felt it more important than ever to take a moment and honor you guys and remind you how brave it is that you continue to show up, lean in and tarry forward and learn together, in this time of unknown. 


Shortly after my assault, I moved to this area. While the whole world wasn’t feeling shaken up like it is now – I WAS FEELING unsure of everything and mostly everyone. My mind constantly raced, a tremendous amount of energy consistently surged through leaving me feeling fidgety and mostly, I was petrified that someone would look into me and see how shattered I was and RUN. Was it possible for someone to see me and love me, even with all of my painful, broken parts? 


I didn’t dare test out that theory.


One teacher in particular, saw me. And not just the pieces of me I let the world see. He saw my energy. At first it frightened me. What would this kind of attention bring? But what followed was my first taste of grace. And gave me hope that I could trust others with my pain and even be loved for it. And while this teacher didn’t put words to his suspicions, he invited me into using this energy athletically. 


In a word, I call that dignity. 


Therapeutically, we call that trauma healing.


Trauma, in its simplest form, is something bigger than we are equipped to handle and without the awareness and support, can create maladaptations in our belief system and the behaviors that manifest. In short – how we feel about ourselves and how we behave because of it.


Meeting this teacher and being given an outlet to channel my energy stopped me in my tracks and showed me I had the power to do something WITH this energy and not constantly suffer from it. 


 And it is what gave me periods of rest, peace and safety. These periods of peace and safety led me to other healing outlets which led me to more moments of safety and peace. Slowly over time, I was building trust in myself and others. I could stay connected longer and suddenly the threatening lens that I viewed the world and prompted constant protection transformed into a world I ached to stay present in.    


Suddenly I FELT the rain, didn’t just get wet. 


So, to my teachers, students and parents, this is a HARD time challenging us in new ways, exhausting our reserves because it is so new. It is traumatizing to many – you should feel all the things you are feeling and more. 


And because of this, please hear us:


We believe in your capacity to learn. We honor your courage to face each new day. We are with you and KNOW, this too shall pass. We ARE rebuilding, rejoice in your immense strength and long to hear the wisdom you are gaining in this challenge. Come back to us and tell us all you are learning and know we love you. 


Gabrielle Warner

Massage and Trauma Touch Therapist

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