It’s December 2020 and there are plenty of memes out there talking about what a train wreck this year has been. Some of them are very true and others very funny, but one thing that is certain is that it’s been very different from what we are used to. In my opinion, I believe the more bad things or negative things that happen the more gratitude I get to feel because the good things stand out a bit more. It’s like having 25 rainy days knowing that the next is going to be sunny and perfect. You are going to really enjoy that sunny day and make the most of it. You will also probably remember the sunny day way more than any of the rainy days.  There are many reasons why I’m grateful this year.


A Successful First Year

First, this has been the first year of our Integrated Wellness Center. Our team spent so much time planning it and trying to get it off the ground. It was a tough year to start but I feel very comfortable knowing that we survived through the first year. It was a year that offered so many unforeseeable hardships. Ampersand is still standing and we haven’t been knocked out yet.  I am so grateful that we made it through a pandemic our first year in business and we are still going to be open for year two. There is still much uncertainty but I rest a little easier knowing we can endure an event as drastic as COVID-19 coupled with the amazing clients that are immensely helpful and supportive. I’m so grateful for my coworkers and my clients. There are no words to describe how blessed I feel to have them in my life.


More Space in my Schedule Inspired me to Show up for my Own Self care

There was a point when we shut down this year that I was really worried. Although having felt this way, I was able to find the blessing in having so much more free time. It afforded me the opportunity to do things I would have never done had I had to work 40+ hours a week. I got to read more, take my time, it was easier to show up for my own self care, and so many other wonderful things. I have a lot of gratitude for the extra time I was given to focus on some things that really made a big difference. I’ve learned to slow down and enjoy my food more (depending on how hungry I am sometimes I still forget lol). I take time just to breathe and get present more often now than ever even though I know I have much more room for improvement. It was like a summer vacation back in grade school. Time seemed to move a little slower and it felt so good.


Focusing on my Mental Well-Being

A different focus is what came out of this experience. When I started quarantining I started to look further inside myself and found that there were some major things in my life that had been put on the back burner. This extra time helped me focus on the stuff that would make me feel good in my own skin with or without work. I appreciate the help I got during this time to see what exactly needs work within myself. I had some great help in achieving this. Just like Ampersand Integrative Wellness, my aim was to focus on every aspect of my health. There are many tools in that toolbox and I was only using some of them. This time gave me a chance to discover new tools and start to use them. Working on my mental health was never important to me before. Now that I am, I’m able to see all the ways I was and am unhealthy. I feel so much gratitude for learning these valuable lessons. I continue to add more tools to the toolbox!


Greater Appreciation for all the Little Things

A different appreciation for anything in the future. If I go to a concert again I will feel so much gratitude. Going out to see my friends at a restaurant, going to a game, or even just being in larger groups of people. I’m looking forward to when I can take my beautiful girlfriend out on the town for an adventure. We’ve lost a lot during this process. Once restored, these things should be celebrated and honored. I look forward to honoring all the things that I hadn’t recognized were very important to me. Let’s be grateful for now knowing what is actually important to us and knowing what is not.

In this climate of change there is so much to appreciate. Find it within yourself to cultivate gratitude for the little things. I’m sure everyone’s list could look different and a lot of people’s list may stay the same. But regardless, if someone has learned something about themselves during this year then maybe it wasn’t half bad. My perspective shifted and that has changed my whole life for the better.  Thank you 2020 I hope to remember all your lessons and to be better because of you!

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