One Stop Shop

It’s the ideal situation that makes our lives easier. Wouldn’t you like to get everything you need at one place – yes please! It’s a popular concept but why doesn’t this seem to apply to health care? At Ampersand we believe in just that, one place for all the services you need to start your wellness journey. Our mission is to increase your quality of life and change it from surviving to thriving. We believe in working together and integrating our services to provide you with a customized plan that works for your lifestyle. There are a variety of reasons for taking advantage of massage services, whether it be for injury, chronic pain, or relaxation. The benefits of massage can be enhanced when partnered with other services.


If you are someone who suffers from an injury, having a personal trainer would aid greatly in your recovery.

At Ampersand our personal training services included:

  • In-person and Virtual 1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions
  • In-person and Virtual Small Group Training Sessions (conditions apply)
  • Body Composition Testing Services
  • Weight Loss Programming
  • Functional Movement Assessment
  • Corrective Strategy Planning and Implementation
  • Postural Assessment
  • Mobility/Flexibility Training and Table Stretching
  • Stability & Strength Training
  • Pre/Rehabilitation
  • Injury Prevention for Recreational or Competitive Athletes
  • Program Design and Guided Implementation
  • Pre-recorded Tailored Workouts


A plan focused on rehabilitation and strength training will help you on the path to healing and
establishing lifelong exercise habits. While your muscles grow stronger, massage will help
reduce any tension and increase mobility and flexibility. The two hand in hand will help you on
the road to recovery.


For those who use massage to relax, added yoga will take it to a new level of zen.

Ampersand offers a variety of yoga services including:

  • Virtual group classes
  • 1-on-1 Yoga and Meditation
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Feldenkrais Method


Massage and yoga have similar healing properties and can be used to treat both mental and physical ailments. Like massage, yoga helps ease stress and promote relaxation. It helps reduce cortisol levels and encourages a deeper connection between mind and body. Establishing a deeper mind-body connection allows you to become more aware and be in the moment. Being able to truly let go and relax while having a massage will increase its healing
qualities and make it more enjoyable.


Whole Body Wellness

The truth is there isn’t just one easy answer to managing our health. To honestly increase your quality of life there may be a variety of issues that need to be addressed. Finding the route of the discomfort is the first step and planning a course of action is the next. Massage, personal training, and yoga are only a few of the services we offer. All of our services at Ampersand are meant to work alongside one another to create a whole body wellness plan. In creating a customized plan we are able to help establish habits that will last and motivate you to reach your optimal wellness. Working together is what sets us apart, having a community of support is what will change your life.

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