Healthy Relationships

There is no such thing as an “easy” relationship.  Each one has their unique highs, lows, and everything in between.  The fact of the matter is relationships need your constant attention in order to stay strong. As Valentine’s Day approaches (bringing us toward the season of love) we are reminded of these special relationships and what they mean to us. It’s important to take the time and to show appreciation to maintain and keep these relationships healthy.


Relationship to Self

When we ask ourselves what relationship is the most important, the answer is easier than you think. You! Your relationship with yourself is the relationship that trumps the rest. Why? The reason is simple. You and your needs come first. You can’t give 100% to anything if you can’t even give that to yourself. Just like with any other relationship, this relationship takes work, and a lot of it! The rewards of this relationship are affected and reflected in every aspect of life. A happier and healthier you lends to a better quality of life.


Prioritizing Your Health

Your relationship with yourself is a marriage of your mental and physical health. Both are equally important and vital to self care. They each need your time and dedication but in very different ways. The answers to what you need aren’t always straight forward. Your health is the root of it all, starting with your heart. Heart health is the key to maintaining your health overall. With heart disease being the cause of some many deaths in America, it’s crucial to do all you can to prevent it. Creating a healthy lifestyle with a balance of diet and exercising is always a good place to start. There are various practices you can incorporate to add in the health of your heart that are beneficial as much as they are relaxing.


Healing with Massage

Massage has numerous healing properties both mentally and physically. It’s more than just a way to relax and wind down, it’s a way to keep your body and mind working at their best. Massage therapy helps relieve muscles and their aches, the heart included. Regular massage therapy has been shown to improve blood circulation. Massage aids in decongongesting areas, allowing the blood to flow through the body with ease. When blood circulation improves, blood pressure has been shown to improve as well. After a massage, less pressure is put on the heart to circulate blood. The release of tension allows the heart not to work as hard to pump blood. Easing a rapid heartbeat helps balance the body as well as relieving physical and emotional stress.


YOU Come First!

It is so easy to put anything and everything before ourselves. Working on yourself can be difficult,  and is one of the hardest relationships to maintain. However, taking the time to put yourself first is essential. You deserve to feel and be your best, no excuses. February is Heart Health Month, take the time to put your heart and yourself first. Relationships come and go, but remember the relationship you keep with yourself lasts forever.

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