My Food Journey

My relationship to food has evolved quite a bit over the past few years. Before I learned what healthy foods really were, my diet consisted of a lot of carbs, processed foods, and sugars. Because the foods I ate were low in vital nutrients my body became inflamed, thus leading to the development of many allergies and food sensitivities. My food allergies were a major insecurity for me in my teenage years. In the past I remember feeling embarrassed because I would randomly break out in hives. At age 16 my inflammation was at an all time high, I even developed dermatitis on my face. I felt anxious, ashamed, and just wanted to hide from everyone. I had numerous dermatology appointments, tried every medicated cream you can name, and still nothing worked. Feeling humiliated by the way I looked, as a clear sign of my poor health was literally all over my face for months, I knew it was time to make a major change. 


Healing with Food

This blow to my self-esteem contributed to my passion and high value of natural wellness and specifically nutrition. Soon after, I began learning about reversing certain ailments through food. I learned about the alkaline diet, and began to cut out processed sugary foods I had been addicted to. Then, I started eating more dark leafy greens, making smoothies, adding superfoods, and drinking better quality water. When I met Whitney I had been implementing many healthy changes already, yet she helped me to refine my diet even more. With her support, I began cutting out grains, adding more healthy fats, and supplementing properly. 


Feeling Empowered in my Healthy Food Choices

Although these were difficult changes to make (especially cutting out sugar), I felt empowered in my choice to eat healthier. Not only was I consciously choosing foods that agreed with my body, I noticed that the more I consistently ate nutrient dense foods the more my quality of life improved. I no longer experience chronic hives, no seasonal allergy flare-ups, and I’ve even begun to reverse some of my food sensitivities. Now that I have been eating a mostly organic, gluten-free, whole food diet for quite some time I find that I do not even find unhealthy processed foods appealing. I feel so much gratitude that I have been able to shift my mindset around food to view it as medicine and fuel, rather than solely a source of comfort and pleasure. It brings me joy to eat foods I know are good for my body and are going to make me feel good long term. 


Food Meditation

I am always searching for new ways to connect more deeply to myself and the world around me. That being said, I have found immense benefit from connecting to my food before ingesting it. I encourage you to try this before eating your next meal. As you are preparing your food, connect to the fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, etc. As you wash them, cut them up, and cook them…

  • Notice all of the different colors and aromas
  • Feel the different textures
  • Observe the way your body responds to certain foods (ex. mouth salivating, tummy rumbling)
  • If you are doing taste testing, allow the bit of food to linger on your tongue and pause, enjoying all of the flavor you taste
  • Before taking your first bite of your freshly cooked meal, scan your plate and say a gratitude prayer for all of the healing benefits you will receive from your food. In saying this prayer you can acknowledge where your food came from… thanking the farmers that grew the fruits or vegetables. Honor the chicken, fish, or other animal for its life and the nutrients it will now provide for your body. Thank the sun, soil, and the rain for allowing this natural process to unfold. 
  • Take your first bite, and chew thoroughly. Savor the flavor. The more thoroughly you chew your food, the better this is for your digestion.


It has been said that positive words, such as a gratitude practice or prayer, can actually chance the structure of your food so that your body can readily accept the healing benefits it can provide. Whether this is true or not, at the very least you may feel a deeper connection to the food you are about to put into your body. 


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