A Few Tips to Prepare for a Healthy Massage
  1. Avoid eating right before- Massage stimulates digestion, so a full meal right before may leave you feeling queasy afterwards. Eating lightly one two hours beforehand is best.
  2. Arrive early- This will give you time to decompress. When you arrive late or rushed, it simply takes longer to get to that ideal relaxed, healing state you’re seeking.
  3. Muscle warm up- Cold muscles are often tense muscles. A great pre-massage activity is the relaxation of mind and muscles that results from taking a warm shower.
  4. Communication is key- Besides issues of room temperature, music levels, and oil scents, don’t be afraid to be clear with your therapist on pressure levels. The “no pain, no gain” method doesn’t always apply here. Too much force can cause a muscle to tighten up more and create more pain afterwards.
  5. Breath is very important- Breathing helps us to relax, as well as oxygenates your blood supply to aid tense muscles. Counter intuitive to the whole experience, we often tense up or unconsciously stop breathing when a therapist reaches a sensitive spot. Taking long, deep, relaxing breaths from the abdomen helps to relax both our minds and muscles.


Post-massage Advice…
  1. Try not to exercise after massage- Stress and strain to the muscles that were just relaxed is a bad idea. However, a workout beforehand can be a great way to warm up and ready your muscles for massage.
  2. Hydration- Drinking lots of water afterwards is essential for rehydrating, building healthy muscle tissue and removing metabolic wastes.
  3. Avoid caffeine- Drinking caffeine right after a massage can tense the muscles that were just worked on. Herbal teas or water are much better choices.
  4. Transitioning time- Prolong the bliss for as long as possible. Making time afterwards to take it slowly, and perhaps even indulge in a nap, can help extend the benefits of your massage.
  5. Repeat, repeat, repeat! The best results are usually seen when you establish a long-term wellness routine. It’s difficult to get all the kinks and muscle pain under control with one massage treatment, so receiving regular body tune-ups will always result in the best outcome.


If you are interested in scheduling a massage contact Elizabeth Brunner.

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