You don’t have to be great to begin but you do have to begin to be great!

You matter. And every little bit helps. 

In times of incredible overwhelm when the problem may look far bigger than we can ever imagine overcoming, it is critical to remember how valuable and capable you truly are. And the efforts you make have a ripple effect you might never see but I assure you, is felt by our collective people.

So, why might I lead with this?

When we talk about the Earth, our home – I hear the many cries of overwhelm. And those very questions…..what could I possibly do to make a difference? 

In trauma healing – when people come home to themselves, we often find a similar space – how in the world do I begin and is it even possible to make some difference?

I assure you, the answer is YES, with the help of 2 of my favorite tools:

  1. Connection
  2. Titration



Oftentimes, it can feel difficult to find our answers if we have become disconnected from whatever it is we are searching. Be it our bodies OR the Earth, in order to be more sustainable we first need to connect back and create a relationship. It is very natural, even after a connection is created, to feel overwhelmed by the pieces that might start talking at us.



That leads me to my second tool – titration – which is basically respectful pacing. Whether you are learning how to care more kindly for Earth or body, starting small and striving to be consistent with wherever you are is often the key to success.



Maybe you are finding your connection to Earth isn’t as strong as you’d like so beginning with a daily walk outside, taking in fresh air and feeling the trees might be where you start. 

Once you feel more connected, you might start to review your habits – are there any small changes you can make to care for the earth in a more thoughtful and kind way – perhaps switching to reusable shopping bags or using a water filter instead of throw-away bottles?

And most especially along the way, be sure to check-in with how YOU are feeling as you begin to make kinder more thoughtful choices – is there a certain warmth, love or pride swelling in your chest, maybe a gentle humility grounding your feet?


Either way, be sure to enjoy the fruits of your choices as we all take part caring for our GREAT MOTHER EARTH.

Thank you!




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