Nom Nom’s, Snacky-poo’s, or Tasty-Treats? 

Whatever you call it, it can be a big part of life.  I for one appreciate a good song by Snack Johnson or rewatch one of my favorite movies Snack to the Future.  But sometimes I snack the effort to make healthy decisions.

During caveman times people would spend their day looking for food.  I definitely feel those genes hardwired into my being.  I didn’t used to feel that way. The biggest change was my diet.  Before working with Whitney George, I used to eat high calorie foods that were processed and convenient.  These high calorie goodies would make it easy to hit my daily limit and just as easy to exceed that limit.  I would eat whatever I wanted and just try to limit the servings.  I would go really long periods without needing to eat because I could consume so many calories.  Whether it was at a carnival vendor stand, or at an event’s refreshment table, or even in my brother’s kitchen cupboards, it was easy to eat high calorie snacks.


Food is Medicine

Meeting with Whitney has changed my diet and my life significantly.  I could write a book about how much she has helped me improve so many different areas in my life where I was struggling.  She will often say “food is medicine” and she has made a believer out of me.  Significant decrease in pain (from moderate to barely there), no more reflux/heartburn (and I used to have it everyday), and full night sleeping habits which equals so much more energy.  Now I am hungry all the time!  Yet, I understand why.  I am trying HARD to eat only whole foods.  No processed snacks with a long ingredient list.  Now I do make “certain” exceptions but I continue to progress to a completely organic, whole food diet that is free of gluten and most dairy products.  Because these foods are lower in calories I have to eat so much more of it. I am someone who will eat a lot of food at once so I can still go hours without eating but not much longer than that.


Mental Battle with Food

The other part of my healing journey with food is the mental side of things.  Giving up snacks you love is not easy.  In order to heal fully I needed to give up tasty, yet naughty snacks.  Some permanently and some were temporary. It wasn’t all at once because I felt like that was too much to digest (pun intended, haha). But until I fully bought into the process, the healing couldn’t start.  Gluten was easy to give up because that was the main culprit in my acid indigestion. Dairy was tough to give up, but after fasting and eliminating it, I realized how much worst I felt when eating it so that motivated me.  But in order to give up sugar I needed more motivation.  I didn’t want to lose any weight, which is probably why it was hard to justify eliminating sugar. I learned through blood tests that sugar must go way down. 


Connecting to my body

Meeting with Gabrielle Warner has helped me understand why sugar is so difficult for me to give up.  There definitely is a physiological aspect to why sugar is hard to kick.  But Gabby helped me figure out, by listening to my mind and body while trying to connect them, that I was using sugary snacks to help cope with stress. For homework Gabby assigned me a task.  I was supposed to connect my mind and body before I would eat any sugar I would ask myself why am I craving this.  And every time, as I sat with that question, I could figure out what was causing the craving.  I wanted comfort!  Sugar offered me a convenient way to feel something good.  Once understanding this, I found that it was easier to give myself compassion for what I’ve done.  That compassion helped me treat myself in a loving way and that self love helped me heal. 


Thank you to my support!

I want to thank Whitney and Gabby for everything that they have done for me.  They continue to help me in my healing process and I hope everyone who reads this can relate. Know that with the right support, we can heal!!  Their integrative approach was what I needed to finally not have digestive issues significantly alter my life.  Between these two wonderful people, I’ve learned what my body needs me to eat, how to make those things delicious and convenient, and how to mentally get myself to make these changes.  I know I still have work to do but now I look forward to it all.  I look forward to a bite of garlic roasted broccoli, nibble on some trail mix with honey and walnuts, or nosh on some coconut yogurt and berries for dessert.  The combinations are endless and the more I learn how to make healthy food tasty, the more excited I am to make those changes for the rest of my life.  I hope this blog has offered you some insight on how important food is and how it can affect our lives.  




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