Accountability may mean different things to different people.  A synonym of accountability is responsibility.  So what does it mean to be accountable or responsible for your body? I’m going to speak for myself here.  If I am responsible for my body, that must mean that I should take care of it.  Like a new car, I want it to run well and run for a long time.


Exploring How Your Body Feels

How do I take care of this body when I don’t understand the science behind all the systems?  I believe the only way to answer that is by FEEL. 

How do I feel when I look in the mirror? 

Do I feel good when at work or when working out?

How do I feel when eating?

And so on… I believe this curiosity is the first step in how we keep in touch with ourselves.

So how does your body feel?  Does it feel like you are taking care of it and your body is happy?  Or does it give you messages throughout the day letting you know there are some things going on that need attention? Maybe you’re often tired, or maybe your back hurts, maybe you get winded walking up the stairs, or maybe you just feel a little less happy than normal.  These can all be messages that your body needs attention and a well planned an executed fitness plan can play a role in helping with all of these things.


Personal Trainer = Accountability with your fitness goals

As a personal trainer, I’ve noticed that most people do not reach their goals because of adherence.  There are many reason one does not adhere to their fitness plan. There are many tools to help with accountability as it relates to fitness. 

Below is a numbered list with some examples:
  1. Finding a workout partner will help you be more accountable because now someone is counting on you to be there.  For me, I have more fun when someone else is with me and that makes it easier for sure.  You can even draw up a contract.  If not for you and your workout buddy, then just for yourself.  You can even have a reward or consequences for adherence that are in that contract.  
  2. In the same way that is helpful, so too is joining a group fitness class.  That is a great way to workout because most people will workout harder in a group when other people are with them.  I will say not every fitness class is designed for all people.  Find a class that is fun but that is also safe for your ability level.  Also, do not depend solely on group classes for fitness because every body needs different things.  
  3. Some people need more strength, some stretching, and others may need balance.  There are many facets to fitness which is why I always suggest seeing a highly certified personal trainer to evaluate your body’s needs.   A personal trainer like myself will help with accountability also.  Some of my clients I’ve been working with for more than 7 years because they know they are more likely to go to a session with me versus working out alone. 
  4. Another great tool that can be used, I use the word tool hesitantly, is spirituality and religion.  It can give us a sense of hope and purpose among other benefits. 


The Most Important Tool

I saved this last tool for the end because in my opinion it is the most important.  In my experience, those who are motivated seem to not have issues with accountability.  The more I want something the less it feels like work that is easy to skip.  Sometimes working out can feel so easy to skip.  With a goal in mind, something really important that inspires and motivates, training isn’t even a question.  Get hungry and stay hungry.  Good luck and I hope this blog has helped in some way. Remember, the body adapts slowly with time and consistency.  Set healthy short-term and long-term goals and celebrate at each milestone.  All work and no play make for a dull day.  Start small and keep building. To reach fitness goals, one thing is universal.  Consistency!


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