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Our staff of wellness practitioners welcomes you to your very own healing journey. Are you ready to stop surviving and begin thriving?

Now is the Time for the New You!

Have you been down this “self-improvement” road before? You needed and wanted to make a change, gotten yourself so far, but fell short of your goals? Let us provide the support and structure you need to achieve success!

elizabeth amos
Elizabeth Amos

Nurse Practitioner

Ashley Borgatta Moser

Mental Health Services

Elizabeth Brunner

Massage Therapy & Cupping

Whitney George

Nutrition Services

Beth Harenza

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Gabrielle Warner

Trauma Touch Therapy

Jesse Hershey

Personal Training

Lori Kuhn
Lori Kuhn

Grief Counseling

diane lillington
Diane Lillington

Mental Health Services

Ariana Miley

Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Certified Holistic Doula

Laural Miller

Integrative Wellness Coordinator & Leadership Coach

Stefano Sarge

Personal Training

Satisfied Customers

With Ampersand, you are in the company of people who have struggled, found success and work the program every day themselves. Our team has been blessed to have built amazing connections and success stories in our community. Accordingly, we hope that you join the ranks of our satisfied, healthy, and happy clients.

“I met Whitney about four years ago. I had GI issues that were not resolving after seeing a gastroenterologist for about 2 years. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel with constipation. My doctor had prescribed two different medications which were ineffective. There was little nutritional counseling at this practice and I was instructed to avoid broccoli and beans and possibly take an enzyme if I wanted to eat these foods. My symptoms persisted and I was uncomfortable daily. I felt that some of my issues were from food because it seemed to correlate with eating. I just couldn’t figure it out.
A colleague recommended Whitney to me. He said his wife had worked with her and she was feeling much better.

I had a consult with Whitney. She was extremely thorough. We broke down my food intake and then made a plan. She suggested an elimination diet. At first I wasn’t sure I could do it! After 2 weeks I was feeling so much better! At 6 weeks my issues were more improved. I had intolerances that were unknown to me. Once we figured out what was best for my gut, my symptoms went away. I had been on Prilosec for 20 years for reflux and did not need it anymore. I was having regular bowel movements and GI pain and bloating were gone. I learned what was good for me and have felt well ever since. It took work and commitment on my part but with Whitney’s help I felt so much better! It is a daily commitment to eat what is right for me but the reward of a pain free, healthy gut is worth it! I could not have not done this on my own. Whitney’s counseling helped me immensely. I am so grateful I met her and know her!”


Ashley has been my primary therapist since August 2, 2017. I have been seeing her every week, twice a week, since then. We started working together with my alcohol and substance abuse issues along with my mental health issues. With Ashley’s strong medical background and persistence, we worked from the ground up. We had our struggles at first, but with her patience and persistence she has made me the person I am today. Ashley is not only my therapist, she is a mentor and someone whom I have all the respect for in the world, and she is always there if I need her. Whether it be during our session, or by email, Ashley always made time for me and my recovery. I would recommend Ashley without reservation to anyone and I am a huge supporter of hers.”

Anonymous Client

“I enjoy working with Stefano. Every session is different and helpful. He addresses a variety of issues including balance, flexibility, and overall fitness, and he has me use muscles that I never knew existed! I appreciate Stefano’s caring and his expertise in helping me to perform beyond my expectations.”

Anonymous Client

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