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Beth Harenza

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

– Anne Lamott

Beth is a certified yoga and meditation instructor offering one-on-one instruction.
She grew up dancing ballet, and when she took her first yoga class almost 30 years ago, it felt good and familiar in her body. It also quieted her mind, compelling her to learn more about how movement and breath can be potent healing forces in the mind/body.

In 2010, Beth completed her 200 HR YTT at Yoga Tree San Francisco and an
apprenticeship with her mentor, Dina Amsterdam, who taught her yin yoga that
incorporates Jin Shit Jyutsu (a Japanese healing modality) into the practice. During this apprenticeship, Beth also trained to teach InnerYoga, a therapeutic approach to yoga that supports an integrated sense of self. Beth recently completed a 300 HR YTT at the Himalayan Institute where she learned about ancient yogic source wisdom, and notably, how current research—in the fields of medicine, somatic psychology, and neuroanatomy—explains why yoga is so beneficial in assuaging physical and emotional imbalances caused by innumerable modern stressors. She is currently participating in the Advanced Teacher Training for EMYoga (Energy Medicine Yoga), a practice that weaves effectual ancient healing methods into yoga, amplifying its benefits to the mind/body.

Beth offers one-on-one yoga sessions tailored to the client’s unique physical,
emotional, and energetic needs. A session with Beth includes gentle hatha yoga (active flow), yin and restorative yoga (passive/restful), and meditation. She textures each session with prescriptive EMYoga practices and InnerYoga. Interwoven, these applications encourage us to harmonize the layers of the body—physical, emotional, mental, and energetic—toward presence, grounding, and ease.

Beth grew up in Berks County, and taught reading in New York City and San
Francisco secondary schools for almost fifteen years. She relocated to Berks about four years ago. She loves to cook, read, and play the piano, but especially loves to play and snuggle with her daughter, Cora, and her dogs, Charlie and Poppy.

Beth believes that balance supports life, and that we are never done seeking it—a
daily dance amongst opposites. She loves the idea of the therapeutic aspects of yoga complementing other approaches in integrative wellness to nurture balance in the mind and body. Whether for two minutes or two hours, unplugging from life stressors provides access to the innate kindness, wisdom, and gentleness within each of us…coming home toward quietude, nourishment and inner listening.

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