* TTT Update *

We are humbled to announce that TTT has been well received by our community and because of this, there is a waiting list to begin services. 

Gabrielle is still readily accepting requests for consultations so if you’d like more information, have questions about the therapy or feel you are a candidate and would like to be added to the waiting list, please move to call or email her contact information to begin that discovery process.

It takes IMMENSE courage to acknowledge the presence of trauma in your life and seek to heal and reclaim a life full of vitality and capacity. So, in the event you are ready NOW, we would still encourage you to schedule a consultation as Ampersand offers a myriad of body oriented therapies that could begin supporting your healing and/or Gabrielle may be able to offer you basic exercises to begin on your own. 

*Please read through the overview on this page before contacting Gabrielle for a consultation. If you are looking for trauma support now and do not wish to be added to the waiting list, contact Laural Miller.

Not ready to schedule a consult but seeking more trauma resources to support your journey?  

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