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Women’s Empowerment Group

January 10, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

By donation
Our Women’s Empowerment Group is hosted by our Yoga & Meditation Instructor Ariana Miley. This group will be held every 2nd Sunday of the month on the Zoom platform. This is an open group, meaning new members are welcome to join at any point in time, and if for some reason you miss a meeting, you are welcome to join us for the next one!
Each women’s group will begin with an opening meditation where individuals focus on connecting to their own individual feminine essence. Following the meditation, new group members will be invited to introduce themselves and what led them to the group/what kind of support they are hoping to receive from being a part of the women’s group. Participants of this group support and empower one another so that collectively we can reach our highest potential and reconnect to the Divine Feminine energy that is within each of us.
This is a safe space for women of all backgrounds, ages, spiritual beliefs, etc. can be heard, cared for, and loved ❤️
“Sacred woman consciousness is the ultimate answer to planetary healing. We are embarking upon a journey of liberation and our destination is freedom. The price for freedom may be high, but the price that we pay for being imprisoned and cut off from the very root of our being is even higher.
When you choose life, you must have the courage to sacrifice your old, worn-out, ineffective self. As you transform from a wounded woman to a Sacred Woman, you will evolve from a frightened, withdrawn state to a courageous one. You will move from confusion to serenity; from mistrust to trust; from spite to compassion and love; from weakness to empowerment; from being an unconscious woman to being a wise woman. You will move from a disturbed mind to a divine mind; from restlessness to contentment; from boredom to creativity; from a suppressed woman to an expressive one. You will rise from a deflated woman to an inspired woman; from a depressed woman to a joyful one; from a disease-infested person to a disease-free one; from a dishonest woman to an honest woman; from a follower to a leader and freethinker; from a pessimist to an optimist.
Like a lotus in the sun, you will blossom into a radiant Sacred Woman.
As you grow and ascend into a Sacred Woman, you will heal in countless dimensions by way of prayer, healing affirmations, visualizations, sacred dance, purification rites, fasting, eating live foods, storytelling, holistic nutrition and nature cures filled with Mother Gaia.
As you ascend as a Sacred Woman, you will meet and greet your Spiritual Guardians, Ancestors, and Elders, who hold the keys to the Gateways to heaven on earth. Your state of consciousness will soar as you journey on to uproot and purge out the deterioration or dilapidated parts of yourself.
As a Sacred Woman in the making, who is constantly unfolding and reinventing herself as she travels through the many Gateways to wholeness, you will weave your shawl of beauty, health, and purity. Freedom will erupt within you, for after all, Sacred Woman, your destination is freedom and your quest liberation!
Welcome home.”
~Sacred Woman by Queen Afua


January 10, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
By donation




Ariana Miley

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