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Ariana Miley

Holistic Doula, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

If you live the questions, life will move you into the answers. – Deepak Chopra

Ariana is a yoga and meditation instructor and a certified holistic doula providing one on one customized yoga sessions and holistic doula services. Ariana completed her yoga teacher training at Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram in August 2017. Additionally, she has continued her education in the field of yoga by participating in various workshops in Costa Rica and Argentina. Ariana received her Holistic Doula Certification from The Matrona Foundation in 2021.

Years ago, Ariana began her wellness journey at the age of 16. She struggled with discomfort from scoliosis and had been seeing a massage therapist. Her massage therapist suggested that she try yoga to help relieve the tension she felt in her body. At the time, Ariana had been longing for something to make her feel more connected to herself, other people, and a higher power. When she went to her first yoga class, she had felt a sense of community, connection, and love that filled her with peace and joy.

It was from that point on that she made a commitment to better her life and make an effort to share with others all that she was learning through yoga and meditation. Now, she views the practice of yoga as a tool to prepare students for a deeply meditative and enlightening experience.

Offering modifications when it is necessary and in a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere, Ariana guides students to feel into their own bodies. Ariana believes once the restlessness of the body has been calmed though asana practice, the consciousness can then be directed inward to the soul. She integrates other holistic healing modalities such as breathwork, reiki, scalp massage, aromatherapy, sound healing, and EFT tapping.

Ariana’s vision is to guide students in experiencing not only the physical benefits of yoga, but the deep emotional release that this practice can promote as well. The style of yoga she specializes in is Hatha Yoga (particularly restorative yoga, yin yoga, and slow flow vinyasa) as well as Prenatal Yoga.

Lastly, Ariana enjoys reading, exploring the woods and foraging medicinal plants, traveling, spending quality time connecting with her partner Colby, dancing with her daughter Nyla, and snuggling up with their dog Runa. Ariana aims to support people in the community on their journey towards achieving optimal health in every aspect of life.

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