Music Therapy

Where Words fail, music speaks.

Music therapy is the use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship.

Individual Music Therapy Sessions

Individual music therapy sessions are provided by Cara Wojciechowski, MA, MT-BC. Cara has experience as a music therapist in inpatient and outpatient medical settings, school settings, and outpatient mental health settings. She works with individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Her specialties include mental health, integrative approaches to pain and symptom management, and birthing support. She is also a certified full-spectrum doula, and combines these specialties to provide music therapy-assisted childbirth and birthing support interventions.

Every session is tailored to clients’ individual needs, and may include interventions such as improvisation, guided meditation, songwriting, playlist creation, music and movement, lyric discussion, and more. Cara’s practice is trauma-informed and strengths-based, and employs a variety of techniques including music-based interventions, verbal psychotherapy/counseling techniques, and mindfulness-based strategies. 

Because music is a powerful medium, unique outcomes can be possible. There are aspects of our human experience that are difficult to reach with words, and music therapy can provide a valuable tool to gaining insights, developing coping strategies, and connecting with our mind, body, and spirit in a new way. 

Clients do not need to have any prior music experience or talents to engage in and benefit from this style of therapy.

Personalized Guided Relaxation

One-on-one session(s) in which the music therapist works with the client to determine a personalized relaxation sequence, integrating live music, breath work, and a guided imagery meditation.

Can be particularly impactful for people who:

  • are experiencing anxiety and/or depression symptoms 
  • experience chronic pain/symptoms of chronic illness 
  • have difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • have experienced recent life changes/overwhelm
  • work in high-stress environments
  • are looking to increase connection between mind, body, and spirit

Personalized Guided Relaxation Recording

A high-quality recording by the music therapist based on a personalized relaxation sequence, integrating live music, breath work, and/or a guided imagery meditation. Recordings are personalized based on clients’ preferences for instrumentation, type of grounding breath work, type of body relaxation, and personalized place of calm for guided imagery.

Great for people who:

  • are experiencing anxiety symptoms 
  • are receiving medical infusions/treatments such as chemotherapy
  • have difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • work in high-stress environments 
  • are looking to increase their self care resources


Service Pricing

 Individual Music Therapy Sessions: 

30 minute session: $45 

50 minute session: $80 

Live Guided Relaxations: 

20 minutes: $35 

45 minutes: $70

Guided Relaxation Recording:  


*Complementary 20 minute initial phone consultation prior to any service 

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