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With Ampersand, you are in the company of people who have struggled, found success and work the program every day themselves. Our team has been blessed to have built amazing connections and success stories in our community. We hope that you join the ranks of our satisfied, healthy, and happy clients.

“A year ago, after ACL surgery, I started seeing Elizabeth for cupping. I am confident that our regular sessions, coupled with her skillful technique, contributed significantly to my recovery. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your time, expertise and support.”

Catherine Lentz

“I met Jesse in 2014 when he was teaching speed and agility at Body Zone to my girls when they were 9 and 13. He was so in tune with their form and making sure they were doing the drills properly. When he left and started personal training it was a no brainer that we would follow him wherever he went. For the past 5 years my girls have been with him and he has truly become part of our family. My husband and I are so blessed to have him in our lives. We know that when our girls are performing at their best, that he has had a major role in that. Jesse supports our girls at soccer games and track and cross country meets. I even use him to stretch my girls for cross country at Wyomissing High School. We appreciate all Jesse has done with our girls and will continue to follow him in his next adventure.”

Adriane Hoke

Mother of Two

Ashley has been my primary therapist since August 2, 2017. I have been seeing her every week, twice a week, since then. We started working together with my alcohol and substance abuse issues along with my mental health issues. With Ashley’s strong medical background and persistence, we worked from the ground up. We had our struggles at first, but with her patience and persistence she has made me the person I am today. Ashley is not only my therapist, she is a mentor and someone whom I have all the respect for in the world, and she is always there if I need her. Whether it be during our session, or by email, Ashley always made time for me and my recovery. I would recommend Ashley without reservation to anyone and I am a huge supporter of hers.”

Anonymous Client

Whitney was more than helpful in helping me prepare for my first half and full Ironman. She first pointed out issues to address that would allow me to properly absorb nutrients, and then helped me to make those specific changes to my diet. As a result I had more energy for training and gained more lean muscle mass than I ever have in the past. I was successful in both events (including placing 5th in my AG in my first half Iron and 18th in my first full). The help she has continued to provide allows me to be much more aware of how my body responds to what I consume, allowing me to fuel in the best ways that I can. Overall I can’t say enough about what working with her has helped me to do both performance-wise and on an everyday nutrition level.”


Stefano Sarge has been my personal trainer for the past year and I want to express my thanks. Stefano is truly at the top of his game. He’s a delightful mix of training ability, knowledge, kindness, inspiration, and thoroughness. His approach targets the whole person – both body and mind. Training sessions are diverse, appropriately challenging, and fun! Since beginning training, I’ve had tremendous gains in strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, and confidence. Probably my biggest achievement is knowing I can live life as I choose. I have the physical ability and mindset to live life to the fullest. Stefano’s expertise has provided a pathway to wellness and joy for me.”

Marcia S.

Gabby and the concepts outlined for Trauma Touch have catalyzed the return of my executive function. There was nothing I wanted back more than my “self” and for most of my life, I had believed it to be a far fetched idea to believe that I could recover myself from the decade and a half of self hatred that followed my trauma.  3 months into the program I could not yet dream, But I found that that I could dance! It was unexpected and spontaneous. It is human to dance.  Connecting to my body has evolved from a terrifying prospect through a desperate attempt with which I found safety to a space in which I am empowered to create my existence. This was the most costly intrinsic human characteristic I lost when I was raped: my freedom to imagine a world that was better. All my creative juices had been stolen, I recovered this life blood. The energy of creation never left, but without the freedom to imagine a world that is better than the one I existed in, I perpetuated my misery through destructive choices. Today I still am human; I make mistakes and dance through them. I utilize tools like “give yourself a do-over” and “take ownership of all parts” daily; this is, indeed, a good time to be me.”

Anonymous Client

“I met Whitney about four years ago. I had GI issues that were not resolving after seeing a gastroenterologist for about 2 years. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel with constipation. My doctor had prescribed two different medications which were ineffective. There was little nutritional counseling at this practice and I was instructed to avoid broccoli and beans and possibly take an enzyme if I wanted to eat these foods. My symptoms persisted and I was uncomfortable daily. I felt that some of my issues were from food because it seemed to correlate with eating. I just couldn’t figure it out.
A colleague recommended Whitney to me. He said his wife had worked with her and she was feeling much better.

I had a consult with Whitney. She was extremely thorough. We broke down my food intake and then made a plan. She suggested an elimination diet. At first I wasn’t sure I could do it! After 2 weeks I was feeling so much better! At 6 weeks my issues were more improved. I had intolerances that were unknown to me. Once we figured out what was best for my gut, my symptoms went away. I had been on Prilosec for 20 years for reflux and did not need it anymore. I was having regular bowel movements and GI pain and bloating were gone. I learned what was good for me and have felt well ever since. It took work and commitment on my part but with Whitney’s help I felt so much better! It is a daily commitment to eat what is right for me but the reward of a pain free, healthy gut is worth it! I could not have not done this on my own. Whitney’s counseling helped me immensely. I am so grateful I met her and know her!”


“I enjoy working with Stefano. Every session is different and helpful. He addresses a variety of issues including balance, flexibility, and overall fitness, and he has me use muscles that I never knew existed! I appreciate Stefano’s caring and his expertise in helping me to perform beyond my expectations.”


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